Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hard To Say I'm Sorry ...

Salams and hi to all,

I was in Straits Meridian Hotel, Malacca when I wrote this post. I missed my lessons and students since today and will be missing them tomorrow. I didn't have any choice. Someone may substitute the lessons. I knew that. Nevertheless, I was feeling a little bit demotivated despite having friends around. Not all available would please me. Sometimes when I wanted something badly, it just didn't work. Sometimes when I was desperately in need of someone to listen to me, they just didn't stand before me. At the end of the day, I found myself like an "incomplete" creature. Lost. Mmm.. I should be thankful, rite? :-)
So my students, how do you do? Any improvements? Hopefully, huh! UPSR is just round the corner. Better be prepared for the best. Practise more and more coz practice makes perfect even though we know nobody is perfect. I believe in you all.
Last but not least, it's hard to say I'm sorry but I have to. Sorry if I'm not there when you need me. Don't worry. I'll keep on trying my best to prepare you for the exam. It's worth to work hard and smart, indeed.
Till then, all the best in everything you do....
Just me,
Sir Roslan


noor zakirah said...

sir,i am very happy when i go to the tutorial
class.i can meet my friends&sir.always make the class until UPSR.i hope that....

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