Monday, June 22, 2009

Make Them. Make What?

Salam and good day to everyone especially to my students, family and friends.
I feel nice to be able to continue blogging in spite of work and time constraints. I do hope you guys still enjoy my simple writing and thoughts. To myself, I regard such as kinda simple yet effective therapy to "heal" me. Hehehe ....
You know something? There are people who used to blame circumstances for what they are. Alaaahh.. like what many say " Dah takdir, dah nasib. Nak buat cam mana, kan? Keadaan dah macam tu. Terima je lah " Well, personally I don't believe in circumstances and conditions unless you have planned , put your utmost effort, and finally performed your prayers. So? so those who are able to get on in this world are actually those who used to get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they fail to find them, they make them. Yes ! They make them. They create them. They make them happen like they want.
And you guys out there ... how much have you made circumstances for yourselves? How much have you created promising circumstances for you or even for your loved ones? Think 'bout it, huh.

Till then. Bubbyes. *Happy Father's Day to myself.

* ... coz nobody wishes me. Pretty bad. :-(


Anonymous said...

semalam sy dah letak komen kat cni, tapi nape ilang ek?
hmmm xpela.. :-(

Lady said...

"Make ur life simply, free ur mind from worries n hatred, give more & xpect less, insyaAllah...Ur dream will come true.."

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