Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Making My Debut

Salams and hi to all who know me, little or much. Is it too late to be a blogger? Well, I don't think so. It's never gonna be late for anything good. For me, start right away should you feel you need to.
So... what's really my motive of writing? Yeah, it's not just chesting out what I feel. It's more towards my contribution to my students who need my hints and helps as far as their learning is concerned. I am aware that learning periods in school are insufficient. As teaching and learning can take place anywhere and anytime, I feel that students and teachers ought to have an alternate teaching and learning platforms and dimensions. So, I do hope via my simple blog, I could share as much as I could with my current students, in fact with anybody, related materials. Despite me lacking enough time to update my blog and stuff, I hope in a way I could still provide relevant materials as often as I could.
To my future readers and visitors, do comment as frank as you wish, yet bound to rules and values. Cya soon.


indah said...

Selamat berblog. Jom lihat peluang bisnes dlm blog saya.

noor zakirah said...

hello sir,
tq very much for yu lesson and be my english teacher and also make the tutoriol class for
me&friends.i appreciate it very much.

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