Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updating Isn't An Easy Job Indeed

Salam and hi again to all,
Updating the present is quite a tiring job. A tedious process when ideas could not be triggered due to failure of some neurons to "communicate". Yet, it is a must especially when you don't wanna lose readers and "fans". So? So I have updated something. Alaaahh.. it's just the banner. Well, to many it's nothin'. To some, it's common. To me, it reminds. Reminding that every little thing you do can always be great stuffs should you do it in great ways. Very well, the picturesque photos are just a hybrid of three comprehensible elements - flowers, an old bicycle and a couple. Nevertheless, for one like me who hungers for meaningful interpretations, these three graphics have been used as an illustration which anybody can simply define or interpret, whateva.
To be frank, flowers can never bloom on their own. Yeah, they have to have the stems, the roots, the leaves etc to bloom. The same applies to the bicycle. It's not about its uses. It's about the parts of the bicycle need to be connected to each other to make it functioning. And the same applies to the couple. None of us can live together without getting together. The morale is flowers and parts of the plant need to share. The parts of the vehicle need to share and we.... yes, we need to share and more than that, we need to care of each other.


Anonymous said...

nice sentences
that's true
and i'm agree with what you write
indah(shahindah) said

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