Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here I Am ...

Hi guys,
Whazzups? How do you spend your three-day school holidays, uh? Some of you seem to spend your time just staying home with families. Some of you out there perhaps are at certain places visiting your relatives, attending wedding ceremonies, touring etc etc. Anyway, don't forget your notes, lessons, assignments and others. Very well, I have here another essay sample for you to read. Hopefully it would be a good guidance for you all.
Oppsss!!! BTW(By The Way), I'm quite happy coz lately I had few responses from my students and I presume this is a good sign. I hope in future I'd receive numerous responses particularly from students pertaining to my writings and thoughts.

An Unexpected Tragedy

Hari Raya Puasa has always been a celebration long-awaited by Karim and his friends every year. This is the moment when they could enjoy playing fireworks despite them being advised by their parents not to play with.
It so happened on last Sunday when Karim , his friends and all Muslims celebrated Hari raya. Karim wouldn't bother about his new clothes or shoes. Instead, he wanted to spend his first day of Hari Raya playing fireworks with his friends.
After informing his friends about his so-called smart plan, that very morning they gathered at an agreed spot. It was near the bamboo trees adjacent to a small field, just nice for them to enjoy their activities. They worked hand in hand cutting the bamboos exactly like they wanted. Finally the pieces of bamboos were ready. Without further delay, Karim had some gunpowder on his palm and slowly filled the hollow part of the bamboos with it.
As Karim tried to complete the process, a bolt from the blue there was a loud explosion. It happened in a split second. The three poor children could not figure out what really had happened. Seconds later, discovering their legs and hands were bleeding, they started to weep in pain. They had burns on their hands and legs. It seemed to be a nightmare for them because they had never experienced such. Indeed , it was a tragedy.
As good luck would have it, their parents came in no time after being informed by some villagers who happened to notice the incident. The three boys were rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. They had no choice other than staying in beds for a couple of days. They regretted for their foolish acts and hoped that was the first and the last ever they did ridiculous thing in their life for they had to celebrate Hari Raya at the hospital when others were celebrating it at home merrily with families, neighbours and relatives. One thing they were pretty sure - the tragedy was a matter of fact a good lesson for them.


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thiz iz me,,shahida..
essay ny lom pnh wt lg kn..?

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quite oklah . but need to improve

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