Sunday, July 5, 2009

Be The Best, Beat The Rest ...

Hi there,

Really hope ya all are still alive and kicking. Energetic and cheerful. What else, uh? Despite UPSR is coming nearer and nearer, we shouldn't be down in the dumps, should we? Well... let us sustain our efforts so that we achieve our dreams and goals. After all, getting the best in UPSR is our goals, rite?

So, I have here another piece for sharing purposes. Hope you could benefit it.


Both Rama and Choon Seng have always been so mischievous during lessons lately. They think that their final year examination is still far away. For that very reason, they are not worried at all about their exam preparations.

It so happened last Monday when as usual they sat next to each other at the back of the class. As a matter of fact, the back seats were their choice as any teacher would not notice them should they play the fool or misbehave. Coincidentally, it was the Geography class. They seemed to be bored with the lesson. The teacher looked commited wtih the teaching but they just did not bother about her. Instead, they did not pay any attention at all.

Whilst the teacher was sketching a map on the board, they started to fight with each other. Initially, it was just kind of fooling around. However, the fight turned to be serious when both of them started to use pencils as swords. As bad luck would have it, Rama accidentally poked Choon Seng's arm and his arm started to bleed. Choon Seng cried bitterly in pain.

Their teacher turned around and saw the incident. She, at the drop of a hat, took the two boys to the headmaster's office. After a short interrogation by the headmaster, the two boys were punished with a cane. Rama and Choon Seng were ashamed of themselves.

After the incident, both of them felt regretful for what they had done. They promised to be better than before. They wanted to sit in front and behave like other good students.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Already read & will follows yr essay. I'm very thankful & proud to be yr student. May Allah Bless U 4ever.

Yr student
Azzwa 6A1

Anonymous said...

hai sir,
i am very appreciate this blog....
thankz for do this blog for us....

from:fatin syahirah(6a2)

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