Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Only Words And Words That All I Have .....

Hi there, I'm back. Not much to share except few words which I find quite useful for writing purposes. Hope you all could make use of them where applicable.

cheeky = being rude or disrespectful: "It was a bit cheeky of him to ask for more money."
conceited = thinking you're very clever, or better than others: "He's so conceited - he thinks everyone
should admire him."
conscientious = doing something carefully, because you want to do it well: "She's a conscientious student and
always does her homework."
considerate = thinking and caring about others: "My neighbour brought me flowers when I was in hospital - he's
very considerate." ("That was considerate of him.")
curious = wanting to know things: "I'm curious to find out what you think of the situation."
docile = quiet and submissive: "She's a docile child and always does what she's told."
enthusiastic = having a lot of interest in something: "He's an enthusiastic supporter of equal rights."
excitable = someone who easily gets excited: "He gets very excitable about politics - it's one of his passions in
extroverted = outgoing and lively: "She's extroverted and loves going out with people."
faithful = being loyal to someone or something: "She's a faithful friend."
full of himself = acting proud of yourself: "He was full of himself after he got the promotion - it got annoying after a
funny = making other people laugh: "He can be extremely funny when he's in the mood."
fussy = only liking certain things: "She's fussy about what she wears."
good-natured = kind and thoughtful: "She's good-natured and always tries to help."
grumpy = someone who tends to be in a bad mood: "He's always grumpy in the morning and never says
happy-go-lucky = not worrying about what might happen in the future: "He's a bit happy-go-lucky and doesn't
think about the future."
impulsive = doing things without thinking first: "If he sees something he likes, he just buys it - he can be so
impulsive at times!"
inconsiderate = not considering other people or their feelings: "It was a little inconsiderate of him not to give you a
get-well card."
irritating = annoying others: "He can be very irritating to work with."
jokey = making jokes: "You're in a jokey mood today, but we've got work to do!"
jolly = happy and cheerful: "It was the weekend and everyone was in a jolly mood."
loud-mouthed = someone who talks a lot and often says offensive things: "Don't worry about what he said - he's loud-
mouthed at times."
moody = having unpredictable moods: "Some people think he's moody - you never know if he's happy or
nervous = uncomfortable with a situation: "I'm always nervous before an exam."
picky = only liking certain things or people: "She's picky about her friends."
playful = someone who likes to play and have fun: "You're in a playful mood today!"
pleasant = nice and polite: "The bank manager was pleasant to me today."
scatter-brained / scatty = someone who often forgets things: "Don't you remember where you put your wallet?
You're so scatter-brained!"
slapdash = doing your work quickly and carelessly: "He's got a very slapdash attitude - I doubt he'll ever
become a lawyer."
spiteful = trying to hurt other people because you didn't get what you wanted: "If she doesn't get what she
wants, she can be quite spiteful."
thoughtful = someone who thinks a lot: "He's a thoughtful person and won't do anything unless he has considered
the consequences."
thoughtless = not thinking about people or the consequences of your actions: "I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude -
he can be thoughtless at times."
trustworthy = someone you can trust: "My accountant is really trustworthy."


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