Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tips At Your Finger Tips ...

You know something guys,
When you write essays for your UPSR, you should convince the examiners that you are a mature writer who not only can write well but are able to write fluently and proficiently. But then how can you when you have only limited vocabulary list because you seldom read and write. The following is a simple tip on how you can enhance your writing quality. As a matter of fact, there are several words regularly used in most essays in Year 6. The words are suddenly, immediately, happy, sad etc. These words if being replaced with idioms and correctly used, could help in a way enhance the quality of writing for at least. Study the following examples :

1. Suddenly, she saw a young girl shouting for help. --> A bolt from the blue, she saw a young girl shouting for help.

2. They helped the victim immediately. --> They helped the victim at the drop of a hat.

So guys, whenever you are using these common words or phrases in your essay writing, try substitute them with idioms wherever possible and applicable. Consult your teacher for further explanation.
a) suddenly --> a bolt from the blue / out of the blue
b) immediately --> at the drop of a hat / at a drop of a dime
c) happy --> on cloud nine
d) sad --> down in the dumps
e) thankful and appreciating one's good deed --> owed a debt of gratitude
f) near or close to --> adjacent to
g) early morning --> at the crack of dawn

Cheerios. All da best!


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