Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sample Essay ( P2Q3 ) : Witnessing An Accident

It so happened on last Sunday when Devan and his family were on their way to Ayer Keroh , Melaka to visit his grandmother who was seriously ill. Truly, they were a little bit apprehensive about Devan’s grandmother’s condition. They departed at the crack of dawn to avoid the snarl-up because that very Sunday was a weekend holiday.
As they were heading for Ayer Keruh, they saw an accident adjacent to a crossroad out of the blue. They pulled over and got down from their car. A car and a motorcycle were involved in the terrifying accident. As they were approaching the accident scene, they discovered the motorcyclist and the car driver were severely injured. The motorcyclist was lying on the road next to his damaged motorcycle with a bleeding head whereas the driver was trapped in the driver’s seat and seemed unconscious. As good luck would have it, the two victims were still alive.
Devan and his family were down in the dumps. His father at the drop of a hat called up the ambulance and the police. Minutes later, an ambulance and a patrol car arrived at the scene. The paramedics then brought the casualties into the ambulance to be brought to the hospital for further treatment.
At the same time, the policeman spent some time getting some information regarding the accident from Devan’s father. His father cooperated and gave the necessary information.
When everything was over, they resumed their journey. Devan reminded his father to be very vigilant along their journey to Ayer Keroh.


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