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Common Essay Topics To Be Considered ...

Salam and hi to all students who are sitting for U.P.S.R. I have indeed listed 134 common essay topics that you need to acquaint yourselves with. Who knows one of these topics will perhaps be one of the questions especially for Paper 2 Section C ( Q3 ). So, plan your study and revision so that you are able to write as manyessays as you can based on the suggested topics.
The common essay topics are as follow :
A. Occupation

1. Life of Encik Azmi – “ A Grocer “
2. Life of Mak Limah – “ A Restaurant Owner “
3. Life of Mr. Muthu – “ A Fishmonger “
4. Life of Pak Abu – “ A Hawker “
5. Life of Puan Laila – “ A Tailor “
6. Life of Uncle Lim – “ A Vegetable Seller “
7. Life of Uncle Tan – “A Farmer”
8. Life of Uncle Tom – “ A Fruit Orchard Owner “

B. Hobbies / Leisure Time Activities

1. Collecting coins
2. Collecting postcards
3. Collecting stamps
4. Flying Kites
5. Going Fishing
6. Keeping fish in an aquarium
7. Listening to the radio
8. Playing Indoor Games
9. Playing Outdoor Games
10. Reading
11. Watching television

C. Competition/Contest

1. Taking part in Board Games Competition - Chess / Checkers / Scrabble
2. Taking part in Colouring Contest
3. Taking part in Fancy Dress Contest
4. Taking part in Fishing Competition
5. Taking part in Football Tournament
6. Taking part in Kite Flying Contest
7. Taking part in Poem Recital Competition
8. Taking part in Public Speaking Competition
9. Taking part in Singing Competition
10. Taking part in Story Telling Competition

D. School Activities

1. Anti-Drug Campaign
2. Attending Computer Classes
3. Attending Tuition Class
4. Blood Donation Campaign
5. Buying food at the canteen
6. Camping Activity
7. Canteen Day
8. Cleanliness Campaign
9. Health Campaign
10. Recycling Campaign
11. Sports
12. Spring Cleaning
13. Teachers’ Day

E. Experiences

1. Being robbed by a burglar
2. Bidding farewell to someone at a bus station / taxi station / railway station / airport
3. Buying presents for someone
4. Eating at a restaurant with family/friends
5. Enjoying swimming in a swimming pool
6. Feeling sick and going to the clinic / hospital
7. Gardening – Planting Flowers
8. Going shopping
9. Going to a market
10. Going to see a dentist
11. Going to the funfare
12. Jogging at the playground
13. Jungle-trekking
14. Lost in the jungle / shopping complex
15. Moving to a new house
16. Picnic
17. Spending time at a fruit orchard
18. Spending time at a playground
19. Spending time at the backyard with friends
20. Staying in a tree house
21. Taking a walk with a pet in the park
22. Visiting a sick friend / relative / neighbour
23. Visiting botanical garden
24. Visiting famous resorts
25. Visiting famous tourist destinations
26. Visiting grandparents / relatives / friends
27. Visiting historical places
28. Visiting the zoo
29. Watching a circus
30. Watching a movie at a cinema
31. Watching a procession – “ The Chingay Procession “
32. Watching a procession – “ The Thaipusam Parade “
33. Watching a procession -“ The National Parade”

34. Watching a procession - " Brass Band Parade "
35. Watching a Floral Parade
36. Watching turtles laying eggs
37. Welcoming someone home at a bus station / taxi stand / railway station / airport
38. Witnessing an accident

39. Watching an outdoor game ( football match, badminton tournament etc
40. Watching a boat race

F. Celebrations

1. Celebrating Birthday Party
2. Celebrating Chinese New Year
3. Celebrating Deepavali
4. Celebrating Fathers’ Day
5. Celebrating Hari Gawai
6. Celebrating Hari Raya Puasa
7. Celebrating Mothers’ Day

8. Celebrating Merdeka Day

G. Good Deeds

1. A group of scouts carrying out cleaning activities at one’s home
2. Helping a blind man to cross the road
3. Helping a car driver fixing a punctured/flat tyre
4. Helping a car driver whose car tyres stuck in the mud
5. Helping family to clean the house
6. Helping father to wash the car
7. Helping mother buying things at the market
8. Helping mother in the kitchen
9. Helping mother to prepare a dish
10.Helping mother to wash and dry the clothes
11.Helping someone to catch a thief
12.Helping someone who is trapped in a heavy downpour
13.Helping someone whose house is on fire
14.Honesty – Returning a wallet/purse found while walking home / in a taxi or bus
15.In a bus - giving seat to someone
16.Leading someone to a destination
17.Saving an animal’s life
18.Saving money
19.Saving one’s life – Drowning
20.Taking a hurt pet for treatment
21.Taking care of a sick person at home – mother/father etc

H. Morale-based Stories

1. Bad habit - Stealing fruits
2. Bully
3. Carelessness – Breaking a vase
4. Dishonesty - Copying a friend’s work during examination
5. Disobedient – Swimming without permission
6. Hardworking – Washing one’s own property – bicycle / motorcycle etc
7. Indisciplined – Playful in the class
8. Indisciplined - Waking up late
9. Insincere - Telling lies to teachers / parents
10. Laziness - Lazy to do school work

I. Process

1. Making a book mark
2. Making a kite
3. Making a paper bowl
4. Making a scrap book
5. Making a stick puppet
6. Making an omelette
7. Preparing a dish
8. Preparing a simple pancake

9. Preparing pickles

J. Disasters

1. A Flood
2. A Landslide
3. A House On Fire

4. A Thunderstorm


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