Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sample Essay ( P2Q2B ) : Choosing A Badminton Club

Join Our Badminton Club !
· Activities held every Thursday
· Time : 4.30 p.m.
· Pay RM3.00 per month
· Get lots of exercise
· Bring your own racquet and shuttlecocks
· Play in the school hall

I would choose Badminton Club because I feel this particular club would probably be the best club for me and perhaps for my classmates too as we are keen on badminton.
Being charged at RM3.00 monthly for every new member, I assume the fee is realistic as the club does not provide us with any racquet and shuttlecocks. As good luck would have it, I have my own new Yonex racquet and a dozen of shuttlecocks given by my father recently as my birthday presents.
The time for the training session is fixed on every Thursday at 4.30 p.m. By coincident, I am not engaged with any other activities at this particular hour. Therefore, I am able to turn up for the club activities. More than that, it is held at the school hall. Meaning, after the Thursday school hours, I might as well stay in school and start my badminton activities at 4.30 p.m.
Last but not least, involving in badminton activities enables me to have ample exercises. Obviously, it is good for my health and I don't really need to go jogging on weekends.
Based on what I have mentioned above, I see no reason at all why I shouldn't choose this club for myself. I am optimist I could have great benefits and advantages once I join this club.


Anonymous said...

evening sir,,
sye nak mntk maaf psl hal tdi..
wlaupun bkn kslhn sye tpi sye xnak nnti dsbbkan nila setitik,rosak susu sebelanga..

Qaseh Ramadhan said...

Gud Evening Sir,
Me also wud like to bade wrong seek apologize about what had happened in few days back..i promise not to redo da same mistake again.hope u will consider my apology..tq in advance

MUIZ said...

Finally, I found my ex-teacher's site. Five years ago, he teaches me English until late night (12am to be correct) all for the sake of UPSR exam. Today (I mean five years later), I found him in his blog. Alhamdulillah.

by the way, happy national day. May this ramadan be the best for you, yet.Wish me luck for the SPM trials tommorow and my SPM exams. May God bless you.



Sir Roslan said...

Salam ramadhan to my students and my ex-students particularly Fateh Hakim. Hope this response isn't too late to be read. Before I proceed further, I wish all my students from 6A1 and 6A2 (2009) who have just sat for their UPSR since Tuesday, 8th Sept, all the very best. Well... let's pray to Allah for the best result. Hope all of us are bestowed with triumphs. To Fateh Hakim,nice to have you back after 5 years of "lost". Hehehe... Again, I'm wishing you luck and all the best in your coming trials and SPM. Insyallah, I hope to see you as "somebody" one day.

Anonymous said...

askum,saye mirza aidil ingin m'gucapkn terima kasih kerna Sir telah m'gajar saye pd tahun 2009 apa pun tq .

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