Friday, November 20, 2009

A Success To Appreciate ....

Salam again and hi to my students of 6A1 and 6A2, not forgetting to those from other classes plus those who used to follow my blog.
Yesterday, the 19th of Nov 2009 was the day when every single student who has sat for the UPSR recently waited for the result announcement to be made by the Headmaster. Yeah, finally everyone had theirs. Allow me to share the joy with you all who have scored straight A's. Congratulations as you too have fared well in the English paper. Indeed, your consistent effort was paid off. I just hope you keep on doing well in your future studies. Believe in yourself that had you not give up, you shall always gain success.
At the same time, to those who were unable to get straight A's, don't be sad. It's not the ending of everything. You still stand for equal chance just like the others to get a better learning opportunity. So, tell yourselves that you want to change right now so that you can be better than before if only you could not be the best.
Till then, morning.

Cya l8er.
Just me - Sir Roslan Ahmad


nur azzwa said...

Assalamualaikum Sir,
terima kasih atas tunjuk ajar. Semua nasihat & ilmu yang diberi akan jadi pendorong saya dimasa hadapan.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

im very appreciate wut had u done 4 us..
im also vry proud of u..
btw,,thnx a lot 4 ur advise..
n epy blated bufday..
sory late wish coz bru bkk blog ny..

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